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Audience Base & Fans

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higher organic engagement

+ million+ million

views and growing for Long-Form

+ million+ million

ADDITIONAL views from Short-Form

Singapore's Largest Media And

Entertainment Powerhouse

1000+ Returning Global Partnerships Every Year
100+ Million Monthly Organic Views

Titan’s Network

provide a global and localised solution with its creators based in Singapore

Creating Content that Connects

  • Array of content for hyper-local and global audiences
  • Collaborative opportunities: Able to customize content to reach your targeted emographics
  • Millennials and Generation Z

The Frontiers of Content Creation for Your Marketing & Branding Needs

15 Years

Of content creation expertise from our creators to strengthen the relationship between your brand and audiences


Highly Engaged Community and Reach up to 42 million


Up to $54 Billions by 2026

No. 1

Channels within its category in Singapore for the past 3 years or since the channel started



The Leading YouTube Content House based in SG with a 10 million subscriber base

  • Variety of content to cater to diverse audiences
  • Longest running YouTube series made in SG (Titan Academy)
  • Ability to create longer shelf life and timeless content
  • Up to 1 million views/video

Titan’s Strong Accumulative Presence Across Social Media Channels

Creators that are experts in their niche and stay true to their passions, enabling your brand to reach the right audience

Our Solutions

Social Media and Influencer

Media Production

Customized campaign strategy

Workshops and digital courses

Titan Academy

A Comedy-Drama Made for A Global Audience
A little lightheartedness with comedy to darker topics, such as bullying and mental health
Longest High School Web Drama Series on YouTube
Viewers from over 180+ countries


11 Types of People at a Party

12 Types of Students Before Exams

Instagram talents

Strengthen the relationship between your brand and audience


higher organic engagement than the average influencer*


of marketers regard KOLs as an effective form of marketing**


key markets presence: SG, MY, IN, ID and PH

Tiktok talents

Over 60 million likes achieved by our creators


higher organic engagement than the average influencer*


content creation ability in a variety of formats


key markets presence: SG, US, PH, MY and UK


JianHao Tan
Founder, and CEO of Titan Digital Media, JianHao is first known as a YouTube Celebrity since early 2000s...
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Debbie Soon
Makeup, fashion, and all things in with beauty, you can always trust Debbie to bring you the latest on beauty...
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Denise Soong
Where beauty meets intelligence, Denise is one of a kind in the creator realm who is known for her hunger...
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Nicole Low
An adverture-seeking fashion creator, Nicole is known for parading the latest fashion and beauty styles...
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Kayley Tan
Smart, elegant, and eloquent, it's hard not to give a listening ear to Kayley's compelling opinions...
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Danial Ron
An OG in the social media industry with many years of experience under his belt, Danial Ron leads Singapore’...
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Vincent Sin
One of the leading Vine stars in Singapore, Vincent is an expert in creative and viral short form content...
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Ben Tang
Besides playing one of the most popular roles in the Titan Academy series, Ben is passionate about...
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Silvy Wang
Silvy enjoys creating engaging content for social media that allows her to connect with people...
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Luke Chan
Co-founder of the popular news channel Lukey News, offering fresh perspectives and insightful...
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A professional Dentist, Burq creates content around her occupation and the people she works with!...
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Diana Bakar
Naturally creative and adventurous, she loves travelling and capturing her experiences on social media...
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Kevin Foo
Kevin has a fun loving personality and brings joy wherever he goes! On top of his goofy character...
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